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Akashwani Sydney


‘Akashwani Sydney’ is a major activity of Marathi Association Sydney Inc. Live broadcasts of Marathi programs under this banner started in 1997. Tune into 98.5 FM every Sunday 11:00 am and every Tuesday 8:00pm.

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What is the state animal of Maharashtra?

  • Nilgai
  • Ox
  • Indian Giant Squirrel
  • Tiger
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We encourage you to become a member of the MASI and participate in various cultural events and activities organised by MASI.

MASI Membership Benefits :

  • Priority seats for life members for MASI events
  • Concessional rate for MASI events
  • Concessional fees for Australian Marathi
  • Vidylaya students
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About MASI

Marathi Association Sydney Inc. (MASI) is an association formed by people having an interest in the Marathi language, culture and customs. Marathi is the language spoken by 70 million people in Maharashtra, a state in western India. Marathi culture, similar to Indian culture, has a long and rich history. Marathi speaking people are an integral part of the Indian nation, and have played significant roles in the history of this civilization.

Noble souls like Dnyaneshwar, great leaders like Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Lokamanya Tilak, and even present day heroes like Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar form part of Maharashtra’s honorary traditions. MASI nurtures the interests of its members by organising community events and cultural programs throughout the year This website serves as a link for MASI to provide information to its members, and as a platform and for its members to express themselves.

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